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Livestock and Forestry Research Station

Faculty & Staff

Donald Hubbell Resident Director of the station and is responsible for day-to-day management of the station. dhubbell@uark.edu
Tom Hess Program Associate I is responsible for managing the stocker calf program and facilities for Dr. Paul Beck  with the cow-calf programs and forage research. thess@uark.edu

John D. Tucker


Program Associate I is responsible for managing the spring and fall calving herd research and protocols. Assists with the stocker calf program. Helps conduct research for Drs. Coffey, Rosenkrans, and Philipp.   jdt005@uark.edu
Mike McGowan Program Technician I is responsible for managing and
maintaining the forestry work being done on this station and at the Pine Tree Station near Colt, Arkansas. Works closely with the System's Forest Manager Chris Stuhlinger and Drs. Pelkki and Liechty on various projects
James Todd Coles Farm Foreman-Institutional jcoles@uark.edu
Kathy McSpadden Accounting Tech II lauram@uark.edu
Joe Rolins Agriculture Lab Technician jrolins@uark.edu 
Henry Headly Sr. Farm Maintenance Mechanic hheadle@uark.edu 
Ricky C. Wilson Agriculture Lab Technician rcwilson@uark.edu 

Researchers (Project Leaders)
M. M. Anders Assistant Professor, Rice Station, Stuttgart, AR rrec_manders@futura.net
P.A. Beck Associate Professor pbeck@uaex.edu
K.P. Coffey Professor kcoffey@uark.edu
Dirk Philipp  Assistant Professor   dphilipp@uark.edu
Dr. Matt Pelkki  Forest Economics/Management  
Chris Stuhlinger  Forest Manager, U of A System  
Hal Leichty, Ph.D.  Silvia Culturist, U of A, Monticello
Stacey Wilson Program Tech  
Kyle Cunningham Extension Forestry Instructor

Don Hubbell
Don Hubbell
Resident Director
Kathy McSpaddin
Kathy McSpadden
Accounting Tech II